Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Watchlist day1 performance

 Yesterday's watchlist performed well on day 1 itself, however these are good for long term too.

                                                            Day high      Day low
Bhansali Engineering Polymers       21.50 19.55
Kellton                                   UC (opened high, many couldnot have bought)
Mold-Tek Packaging                       234.70 222.10
CCL Products                      187.90 179.00
Parsvnath Developers                25.20  23.30
Eveready Industries                  249.00  227.00

Friday, 27 February 2015

Logix Micro - Automotive solutions

Logix micro provides various solutions to Automobile industry/dealers.

They provide web and mobile solutions/platforms. They have an auto classifieds website Carazoo, just like Magicbricks and 99acres are for housing.  

They also provide customer resource management solutions to dealers with their iCRM product.
And have other marketing products for auto manufacturers.

Some of its products are well recognized and certified by industry leaders. 
Prominent clients of Logix include GM, Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault, ISUZU and Hyundai etc.

Another reason to invest:
Ratan Tata has invested in Cardekho which is similar auto classifieds site and Porinju Veliyath is also invested here.

Internet companies are having a good run, take Naukari,Intrasoft and Justdial. Hopefully this will join the list.


IQ - Investment Quotes

Monday, 16 February 2015

Let's find out - Should one consider FACE VALUE before buying into a stock

In this series let's explore if Face value should be considered while picking a stock.

Most would already have witnessed that companies split the stock to increase liquidity once stock price is high. Also, how announcements of stock splits further fuel stock prices in most cases. And after split liquidity adds more to the price.

For good companies stock splits mostly works as a good strategy to increase market cap.

Also had come across a research report some time back, which demonstrated that historically stock splits have worked better than bonuses (will try to find the article).

However, many stocks in the market are of F.V 1 and many below F.V 5.
And stock can be split from 10 to 5 to 1 or 10 to 2 to 1 only.

Once F.V reaches 1 company can only issue bonus to bring in somewhat the same effect as a stock split.

Would be exploring more about this question.

In the meantime please share in comments if you feel same and if any really good company would soon hit this case. Also could this limit appreciation of the stock price in future? What strategies could be applied to overcome this and inject liquidity into the stock.

Which one will you prefer TCS at FV 1 or INFY at FV 5?

*********This post is intended only for understanding and knowledge sharing. Corrections and value addition from readers are welcome.*********

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Extra Bucks - Amazon referral

Amazon India has started a referral programme. This lets one refer friends and earn Rs 200/- when invitee joins Amazon with the link and makes a first purchase of Rs 300/- or more.

That's not all even your friend gets to pocket Rs 100/-. Isn't it a great deal for both.

Points to be noted:
  • Person getting invited must be new user and should not be already registered with
  • Should use the referral link sent in mail to join Amazon.
  • First order should be of Rs 300/- or more.
  • After 30 days of successful shipping of the order you would receive gift voucher of 200/- and your friend would receive 100/-.

So use below link and join if you haven't yet and place your first order.
Also start sharing your referral link and pocket some bucks.

                                  @ AMAZON.IN referral bonus