Sunday, 8 February 2015

STOCK TIPS: Do they really work?

Nice article explaining how stock tip providers work and run their business.

It explains how stock tip providers maintain a database of potential/interested people willing to invest in stock markets. Then divide the list into sub-lists and send out buy/sell tips on the same stock to one of the group. Then based on the success of the call, the respective group is targeted . And next tip is forwarded to only this group.

This is continued by trapping and dividing the groups into smaller bases.

Its a very good read for understanding how actually tips provider works and claim to have a very high success ratio.
There may be few good providers, but overall this is how it runs.

Complete article can be read at Business line LINK 


Another good read on changing trends @LINK

This article talks about growth of new cities, e-commerce, new modes of communication etc.
Lets try to find companies which would benefit and directly play these themes in Indian markets at reasonable valuations.

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